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The Money Changers

Christopher Mortensen, dir. (98 min)
Saturday 1:40 pm
“It’s not surprising that the financial crisis happened in the most regulated industry in the world” –John Allison. Think ‘greedy bankers’ caused the financial crisis?  Think again.THE MONEYCHANGERS is a feature-length documentary film that, for the first time, examines the evolution, viability, and morality of America’s financial system.Appropriately, our guide for this eye-opening tale is none other than the direct descendent of the world’s most experienced (and notorious) loan shark: Shylock. “The Moneychangers or Shylock’s History of Banking” includes interviews with leading financial figures, former heads of the FED and FDIC, economists, bankers, Wall Street insiders, economic historians, and the man-on-the-street to provide a provocative, informative, and objective investigation of this controversial, highly charged, largely misunderstood topic. It's guaranteed to shatter your preconceived notions about banks, crises, and regulations - revealing once and for all the real culprit behind America’s ongoing financial woes. THE MONEYCHANGERS – the film that God and Washington don’t want you to see!
Panelists: John Allison, Yaron Brook, Warren Coats

My Anthem Sessions

Saturday, July 16

1:40pm PDT